Production Scheduling Meeting

Choosing your production weekend

Each semester, students producing an Intermediate or Advanced project (PROD 390,392, 490, 492, 550, 600, 650, SCRW 680) meet with SFTV staff at the Production Scheduling Meeting to create an initial master schedule for the upcoming production season

At the Production Scheduling Meeting, students draw a random number and inform SFTV staff of their prospective production weekend, camera choices, and stage requests. These requests are non-binding and subject to Production Administration Approval, Camera lottery and priority, and stage availability.

The Production Scheduling Meeting is not a lottery or a reservation. Students must still participate in the camera and L&G lotteries and formally apply to reserve a stage. The purpose of the meeting is to create a schedule that allows a sustainable number of productions each week so all students have fair access to crew and equipment. This schedule will provide students a “road map” as to when their projects must be submitted to Production Administration for Project Approval as well as an opportunity to continue crewing up for production.

For more information about the Production Scheduling Meeting, contact Production Administration, and check the SFTV Events Calendar for exact dates.

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