Film Permits


To apply for a FilmLA permit see FilmLA Permit Process.

Obtaining a film permit is one of the fundamental responsibilities of filmmaking. A film permit authorizes your production to occupy a location and substantiates to neighbors and law enforcement that you are allowed to film in a specific place. Unless an expressed, written exception is granted to you by Production Administration you are always required to obtain a film permit before beginning production.

Permits are required for shooting both on and off campus. Production Administration and the Student Production Office will assist you in applying for your film permit wherever your desired location may be. For information on how to submit your on campus permit through Mazevo, click here.

Be aware that film offices, such as FilmLA, have a specific turn-around period, keep business hours, and do not work weekends. It is your responsibility to begin the permitting process early enough so that your application can be approved or amended in time.

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