For Fall 2022, Auditions should be held remotely (Zoom) for all projects. Remote casting is the new normal and students should practice what is being done in the Industry.

Be sure to attend the virtual Open Casting Call with LMU College of Fine Arts Theater students to find some talented actors right here on campus. Here are links to last year’s event for reference. 

Zoom Recording of Open Casting Call

Resume and Headshots

Self Tapes

Master Audition Spreadsheet

Note: some of the actors from last year may have graduated, so be sure to wait for the Fall 22 Casting Call when casting for your film.


In person auditions are not allowed at this time but this can be your reference for when auditions on campus return.

Post signs with the room number on the doors to the lobby and the casting board in the lobby. Put a sign outside the audition room “CASTING – PLEASE WAIT IN HALL” If appropriate, leave copies of the script pages (sides) outside the door for waiting actors, and have someone there to greet them when they arrive. 

Tape the auditions.  The Camera Department will check out a camera to you for this purpose, people often look different on tape than they do in real life. If possible, film your actors with the same focal lengths you plan to shoot with on their production day. This will give you the truest sense of what they look like on camera. Don’t forget to get some close-ups. If this is a dialogue film, it is always good to have someone else there to read opposite the actors. This not only makes the audition more professional, but also allows the director to concentrate on the acting. When it is over, let them know when they can expect your call. 


It is increasingly common to audition actors virtually. This method presents both pros and cons for the director and actor alike. On the plus side, a virtual audition is easy and convenient for all involved, however, old-school in person auditions will give you a sense if an actor can be counted on to arrive at a location at an agreed upon time. If you make it too easy for an actor with whom you’ve never worked it may be harder to ascertain their reliability.  

Schedule a call back for an in person audition. You want to make absolutely sure that your actor is perfect for the part and you’ll never know until you see and meet them in person. 


If you’re casting children remember that you’re also auditioning the parents. A pushy, difficult, demanding parent can make your life difficult. Spend some time talking to the parent(s) at the audition and get a sense of whether or not you can work with them. 


Always call the actors back – even if you didn’t cast them! They will appreciate this professional courtesy and in the event that your first choice drops out you it doesn’t hurt to have a good relationship with your Plan B actor. Also, until your first-choice actor has officially accepted the part, do not turn the other actors down! Some actors who have accepted a part have bailed on the student filmmaker days before shooting was to begin (because they got a paying gig). 


Confirm dates, times, places (the best thing to do is to email your actors the call sheet- including a map to the location).  

Have them sign an Actor Release Form (and Nudity Release Form, if applicable) before they appear on camera.

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