Student filmmakers are required to photograph their location before taking possession of the property. You can take photos and discuss pre-existing location issues with the site representative while doing your pre-shoot walk through.  You must also photograph the location before you leave.  This will protect you and SFTV against unwarranted damage claims. 

Starting Fall 2021, the position of LOCATION MANAGER will be required on most productions, specifically projects filming in locations other than your own home or on campus. Please see Location Managers for more information.

All projects approved by Production Administration are covered by the school’s insurance policy. In the event of an insurance claim (theft, damaged equipment, third party property damage) the student filmmaker is responsible for a $3500 deductible. Please visit the Insurance section to review your coverage and responsibilities.

For answers about the permitting process and production/location costs, please reach out to Nyla Manuel, and visit the Student Production Office on either campus.

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