The SFTV Lighting and Grip Lottery takes place every Thursday promptly at 12:00 pm outside the Film Stage. For information on participating in the L&G Lottery remotely, visit Lighting and Grip Remote Lottery, but you don’t have to attend in person nor remotely to participate.

Every project on the SFTV Production Schedule will be automatically added to the Lottery. However, you must submit your order online via Patron Portal by 6 pm the Monday after your Lottery. Failure to do so will result in your priority being dropped to last in the queue.

More on the Lottery

Lottery drawings are held two Thursday in advance of your shooting weekend at 12:00 pm.

  • For example, in Fall 2023 if you are shooting September 22nd – 24th then the drawing is on Thursday, September 7th.
    • Camera department will immediately follow with their lottery at 12:15 pm.
  • You must submit your online reservation by 6 pm Monday, September 11th.

The purpose of the Lottery is to equipment priority. Random numbers from 1 to 100 will be drawn and assigned to each project. The lower the number, the higher the chances of receiving more of the equipment you request. The higher the number the less likely you are to receive all of the equipment you request.

For example, if Person A draws #98, Person B draws a #99, and Person C draws #10, the priority order would be:

  1. Person C
  2. Person A
  3. Person B

It strongly suggested your reservation be submitted by the following Monday at 6 pm. Doing so will ensure you keep your priority from the Lottery. Failure to do so will result in your reservation being placed at the end of the queue.

The last day to submit a reservation is no later than two days before your planned pick up.

  • L&G will not have time to perform Cuts* on your order, but we will accommodate and replace as many items as possible and let you know all changes at time of pick-up. 

Additional Guidelines –

  • If you have an outstanding fine with L&G, you cannot check out your order until you have paid your fine.    
  • Orders go out on Thursday and must come back on Monday (before noon) unless they get pre-approval from Studio Operations Administrator and Production Administration. 
  • Cuts are made Friday the week before your shoot.
    • You will receive an email from Shauna Garrett explaining your cuts, and you can then determine whether a rental house is in your best interest to make up for equipment you did not receive, or you can do without. 

For more information on making a reservation, please visit our Reserving Equipment page.

*Cuts are changes made to your reservation that reflect available inventory based on your class level priority and your lottery number/time and date of receipt of reservation form.

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