Casting Notification for LMU Theater Students

Spring 2023

SFTV and CFA are collaborating again on another resource for SFTV filmmakers and CFA Theater Students. SFTV students can submit a Casting Notice that includes available roles and, if offering, dates for any upcoming online auditions. The Casting Notice will appear in a Brightspace page for theater students. Click on the link below to complete the form and email to The Student Production Office will review your submission, ask any questions they might have and then submit to the Theater Department.

Tips for your Casting Notice

  • Casting Notices appear in a feed on Brightspace so don’t send your notices too early! Aim for two weeks prior to your casting deadline or audition date.
  • Give your character a name! Actors are more likely to respond to a role with a name and details. “Office Worker 2” may not elicit much excitement to submit a self-tape, resume and headshot.
  • Questions? Contact or
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