Camera Services Lottery


The SFTV Camera Lottery takes place every Thursday promptly at 12:15pm in COM 109 and remotely by email. For information on how to remotely participate in the Camera Services Lottery, visit Camera Services Remote Lottery.

Where: In person at the Camera Services Department (COM 109) OR if you are participating remotely, email your completed reservation form to Peter Soto

When: If in person, every Thursday promptly at 12:15pm in COM 109. If by email, must be received no later than 12:00pm.

Who: Only those students wishing to place a reservation the maximum of two weeks in advance of their shooting weekend may participate.

How: Each eligible student that submits will be assigned a number via a random number generator in no particular order. After every student has drawn a number a Camera Services Department Technician will begin accepting completed reservation forms starting with the lowest number drawn.

Your reservation will be time and date stamped at this time. The time and date stamp is only ONE way of determining what gear will be available to you. Please refer to the “Determining Priority” section.

Those students who miss the lottery may submit reservation forms up to two days before their pick-up date which will be time and date stamped accordingly.

All reservations accepted by end of business day on that Thursday two weeks prior to the shooting weekend will be prioritized and cuts made at this time. Students will be notified on the Friday after each lottery of items they requested that are not available.

Why: The lottery was conceived in order to make for a fairer process of accepting reservation forms as well as to alleviate the burden to students of lining up in front of each department, sometimes up to 24 hours before reservations would be accepted.

We are always trying to improve the process in order to ensure that it remains as fair and as transparent as possible.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please send to Peter Soto.

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