Film LA Permit Process

To apply for a FilmLA permit follow these steps on the FilmLA website. For SFTV permit support, contact the SPO Graduate Assistant or Production Administration.

FilmLA has undergone a change in permit acquisition, meaning that students will have a new process of applying for FilmLA permits. Below are important key pieces of information for the application process, as well as a slideshow showing the step-by-step instructions on how to apply online.


The basic film permit application fee is $863; however, if you apply and show that you are enrolled in LMU and that your project is specifically for course credit the student discounted permit application fee is $33, or $124 for a larger scale project. This includes up to 10 locations on a permit and 2 consecutive weeks of filming. If you are required to have a FilmLA monitor on set, their rate begins at $41/hour.


For basic permits, FilmLA needs 3-7 business days to process a permit, with locations in other jurisdictions needing 5 to 7 business days.


LMU projects are covered under LMU’s film insurance policy.

Grid Locations

If your set has 10 people or less and all handheld equipment, you may qualify for a walking or driving grid location, meaning you can pick 4 streets that intersect to form a square and then you can film anywhere inside of that square as long as your impact is minimal.

Drone Use

Drones are not covered by LMU insurance. Students have to pay for drone insurance if using drones.

Key Terms

  • Location Authorization (LA): A location authorization is a formal request to use a specific location, for a specific timeframe, for specific activity. An LA can authorize one location.
  • 14 consecutive days: Permits in MyFilmLA are valid for 14 consecutive days. The 14-day window starts after the first LA is entered.
  • Payment: The FilmLA permit application fee is collected once a production submits their first LA.

Proof of FilmLA Submission

A Draft Permit, Proof of Payment and the Final FilmLA Permit must be uploaded to either a student’s Box Folder or to SFTV-On-Tap. For instructions on how to download a draft permit from FilmLA, please click here.

Below is the application process on the FilmLA site:

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