Expectations and Agreements


This handbook will assist you in understanding the tools available to you at LMU School of Film and Television. Familiarizing yourself with the policies and resources in this guide will aid you in making more professionally informed films and better prepare you for your future in the film and television industry.

We want you to be creative, successful, and productive students. That means you must navigate our “system” efficiently in order to use the school’s resources safely and effectively. As you navigate this handbook, and SFTV, you will become familiar with our expectations of you as a student and artist. As an SFTV filmmaker, you have access to professional equipment, facilities, and an experienced staff. With your access to this equipment comes the responsibility to learn how use it and treat it with care and respect. We expect you to act professionally and we will treat you as “professionals in training”. A mutual understanding of expectations between you and the film school promotes an open and healthy environment for you to create your best work.

This resource is a living document and we welcome your feedback. Let us know is there is a process or procedure that is unclear. If you have information or have had experiences that may benefit other students, please let us know so that we may include it in future editions of this Handbook.

Please visit Violations to SFTV Policies and Guidelines for more information on Academic Dishonesty and Code of Conduct Policies.


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