SFTV On Tap is used for project submission.

To submit or review projects you can visit the SFTV On Tap Dashboard. Using the Select Your Workflow drop down window, choose the SFTV Film Production Request and the Start Workflow button to begin. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must press the “Save” button at the bottom of your project submission page whenever you are done making changes, adding contact info, or uploading documents, etc. Exiting the browser page without saving your edits/additions will result in a loss of your changes.

SFTV On TAP is the online portal where students submit their projects to Production Administration for Project Approval and upload the requisite paperwork for production. SFTV On Tap is no longer used for on campus film permits.

Project Approval for Introductory Courses

All projects at SFTV must first be reviewed and approved by Production Administration before they move into the production phase. Students producing an Introductory project will apply for Project Approval through SFTV on TAP Rehearsal and Production Portal. Through the TAP portal Production Administration will review applications and either approve, deny, or ask for project revisions.

Students producing a DIY At-Home project must submit for Project Approval no later that 5 business days before production begins. Students producing a non-DIY-At-Home project must submit for Project Approval no later than 8 business days before production begins. Failure to submit for project approval on time may result in your Project Approval request being denied and failing to meet curricular deadlines.

For a workflow for submitting Introductory Projects for approval, click here.

Project Approval For Intermediate and Advanced Projects

Students producing an Intermediate or Advanced project will upload their Project Approval documents to Production Administration through the SFTV On TAP portal no less than THREE WEEKS before the scheduled beginning of production.

The Filming Protocols and Guidelines by Course and Forms sections of the Production Handbook outlines the specific documents required in your Project Approval Pitch Pack.

For a workflow for submitting Intermediate/Advanced Projects for approval, click here.

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