During your approval meeting with Production Administration, any script action that reads like a stunt will need to be discussed. If it is determined the action can be achieved safely and without the use of a stunt person, then Head of Production will tell you. However, if the action requires a stunt person or stunt coordinator, then you will be required to you hire them.  


stunt is a physical action requiring an actor to fight, fall, jump, run and, in general, perform in an athletic manner and/or in hazardous situations may require the services of a stunt player to double the actor.  

Many common activities, which may be simple tasks for someone familiar with the tool, toy, appliance or device, can be dangerous to someone unfamiliar with its proper and safe operation. For example, skateboards, manual transmissions, scooters and motorcycles. 


Stunt Coordinator is a stunt player who assumes the responsibility for supervising all the stunt work and all stunt players in a picture. In addition to hiring the stunt performers and arranging for any necessary equipment, the coordinator works with the director and cinematographer to work out the best possible camera angles for each gag to achieve the most effective visual impact. He or she also has the responsibility for keeping all members of the crew and the stunt people safe during filming. 


The performances of all stunts or hazards is preceded by a meeting on the site of the event with all people concerned. This meeting includes a “walk-thru” or “dry-run” with the stunt coordinator and/or special effects crew and all of the persons involved in the event. An understanding of the intended action, possible deviations, and authority to abort should be made clear.  

All stunts and special effects should be reviewed by all participants prior to execution to help ensure that they are performed in the safest manner possible.  

Listed below are some sources for both stunt coordinators and stunt performers:

In addition, below is a current list stunt coordinators who have worked or are willing to work with students: 


Name Phone Union Website 
Alex Bankier(301) 437-6400N/AResume
Bryan Forrest 714-697-7700 non union and union shoots  Personal Website 
Connor Deadrick 310-597-0361 SAG IMDb Page 
Danny Wayne 818-469-0379 DGA/ SAG   
Darren Holmquist 530-604-5492 SAG-E   
Joe Perez 818-625-5450 SAG IMDb Page 
Kristian Lambert 818-310-5715 SAG  
Mathre Lorenceau 818-631-3923 SAG   
Reuben Lee 562-233-0526 SAG IMDb Page 
Ryan Rasberry 916-380-2769 SAG   
Surawit Sae Kang 626-354-4788 SAG  
Tessa Anderson 949-632-8140 SAG  
Tony Sre 562-607-1705 SAG   
Dean Jackman541-227-4433n/aSFTV Alumni
If using a SAG stunt coordinator, it is important to plan in advanced and to understand the proper rates. 
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