Sound Effects Library


Sound effects are available 24/7 on both the computer at the RECA OFFICE RESERVATION desk and on the SFTV Avid Nexis server. You can have access to them from all sound studios in SFTV and from room 204 and 205. (Launch Avid Nexis Client Manager, log in using your school credentials, and mount the SFX workspace.) 

These sound library effects are cleared for use in your student projects. You may search for sound effects in three different ways: via Spotlight, the Digibase Browser within Pro Tools, or with the free utility EasyFind. (We recommend EasyFind.) 

There are currently four main libraries: BBC, Sound Ideas, Warner Bros. (cartoon effects), and an extra set donated by Mark Kamps, a dedicated professor at LMU who loved this school very much and passed away in 2007. Please feel free to add a “thanks” to Mark in your credits if you use this library.  

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