Sound Studio Reservation Policies


Sessions can be scheduled a maximum of 4 weeks in advance. Only a grand total of 4 three-hour sessions can remain on the booking record at any one time. As a student uses up each booking they will be permitted to add more, up to the four-session limit. Recording Arts Juniors enrolled in RECA 361 and RECA Seniors may reserve Studio L for a maximum of 8 hours per booking, and may schedule their sessions more than 4 weeks in advance if necessary to accommodate performer schedules.

For students working on multiple student projects, we may expand the booking record to accommodate extra three-hour bookings per project on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to the Senior Audio Engineer if an accommodation is needed. If a student has over-reserved, all sessions beyond the 4-three-hour maximum will be released back to the general pool for other students to use. No more than 2 sessions can be booked in the same 24-hour period. 

Any student who schedules a sound studio and then fails to appear for their scheduled time slot, within 15 minutes of that sessions start time, may have their time given to another student. Students with repeated no-shows may risk losing their booking privileges. 

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