Sound Studio Usage Policies


Most studios at Playa Vista may be opened with a One Card. Most studios at ComArts require an ONITY card to open them. For rooms with One Card access, students are still required to complete the paperwork for accessing these spaces. ONITY Cards are issued from the RECA Desk.

Students must be currently enrolled in SFTV and be instructor qualified to book and operate SFTV sound studios. Any student wishing to obtain a variance must obtain permission in writing from their RECA Instructor and the Senior Audio Engineer prior to the booking.  

Students must be fully prepared to vacate the rooms at the end of their reserved time. If your time bleeds into another session and you are reported to the RECA Office, your permission to book rooms in the future may be revoked. 

If equipment does not work properly: 

  • Immediately stop using it.   
  • DO NOT force or try to fix anything.   
  • If you have a problem, contact the RECA Office (x87368) or email  
  • When emailing, please provide location of malfunctioning equipment and identify the specific problem to the best of your ability 
  • If this happens during normal business hours, we will make best efforts to reschedule you for another session.  

You assume FULL financial responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment due to negligence or abuse, either as an individual or as a member of a group. For your protection, do not let others use facilities assigned to you.  Remember, you will be held responsible for their actions regardless of whether or not you were present.  It is your responsibility to clean up the area upon completion of work. 

Upon completion, shut down the equipment (unless that equipment is supposed to be left on) switch off all the lights, secure the area, and lock the door. If you do not report missing or damaged equipment to personnel, you WILL be held responsible. If you do not report other violations (ex. Food, Smoke) in your booked edit suite, then you will be the one held responsible and will be assessed the corresponding fine. If something seems out of order or unusual in your assigned room, please let us know.  

Remember: if you don’t let us know there’s a problem, we can’t fix it. 

Students must turn off the lights and shut down the computer when finished in a sound studio or risk a fine.  


  • Eat, drink, smoke or vape in our studios.  
  • Reconfigure, rewire, or cause to reconfigure or rewire our studios unless provisions for a patch bay exist 
  • Modify computer systems, copy applications, plug-ins, or otherwise infringe on copyrights.  
  • Use studios over winter and summer breaks unless they are enrolled in a class or have permission in writing from the RECA Department Chair 
  • Access rooms without first scheduling them through the RECA Office and obtaining an approved booking form.  

Music recording is prohibited in the ADR/Foley stages unless prior arrangements have been made with affected Faculty and/or the Senior Engineer. Fines will be imposed to all violators. 

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