Tech Scouting


After you have determined that the location you are surveying has the right visual look for your film, story, and characters, consider the following variables:  

Consider these questions:

  • Are there ample trashcans available?
  • Where can you stage the production truck?
    • Will it fit on the street?
    • Do you have permission to park the truck at your location?
    • How far will you have carry the gear?
    • Where will you stage your gear?
    • Will you have to work off the truck?
  • How many cast/crew do you have permitted to park at the location
  • Is the location on the second floor?
    • Do you have enough grips to carry gear upstairs?
  • Will you need walkie talkies?
  • Where will you stage the generator? Is it out of range of your boom mic?
  • Where will you stage your cast?
    • Where is your cast holding area and where will they change clothes/run lines?
    • Do you have minors and a studio teacher? Where will they hold class?
  • Does the location have heat/AC?
  • Are there sprinklers? Are they on a timer? Will they turn on during your shoot and soak your crew and food?
  • Where are the emergency doors?

Consider going to your location at the exact time of day you’ll be shooting. Observe the light, traffic, sounds, and environment. Maybe you’ll notice a dealbreaker that makes you consider another location.

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