Studio Booking and Equipment Checkout


Registering To Reserve An Audio Suite or Checkout Equipment

To reserve an audio suite at the Westchester or Playa Vista campuses, or checkout equipment, first you will need to fill out and submit the RECA Studio Agreement. You will need to fill out the Studio Agreement once each semester.

Once you have filled out this form, it will be automatically submitted to the Recording Arts Office. An account at the booking website will be created or your account will be re-activated for the semester by the RECA Office staff. Your login information, the booking policies and instructions, and the link to this resource page will be emailed to you. You will NOT be able to create an account, re-activate your account, or re-set your password on your own. Someone from the RECA Office will have to handle that for you.

Audio Suite Booking Instructions

1. Go to and log in.

  • Find and reserve the time and date that you would like to book.
  • You may reserve a maximum of 3 hours per booking and 2 reservations per day.
  • You may have a total of 4 reservations on the schedule at any one time.
  • Sessions can be scheduled a maximum of 4 weeks in advance.
  • You may NOT make 2 consecutive reservations in the same room.
  • You must leave at least 4 hours between reservations in the same room.
  • Recording Arts Juniors enrolled in RECA 361 and RECA Seniors may reserve Studio L for a maximum of 8 hours per booking, and may schedule their sessions more than 4 weeks in advance if necessary.
  • If you make a reservation and then don’t show up for it your time may be given to another student. Repeated no-shows may lead to loss of booking privileges.
  • To cancel a reservation email the RECA office at
  • Once you have reserved a time on the reservation calendar you must complete step 2. Your reservation will NOT be approved if you fail to submit your Studio Booking Form.

2. Fill out the RECA Studio Booking Form.

  • Please fill out and submit a separate form for each room you are reserving. So, if you want to reserve 2 time slots in Blue Room and 1 time slot in Red Room, you will submit one form for the 2 Blue Room reservations, and one form for the 1 Red Room reservation. This will be uploaded to the RECA office for approval and then returned to you once it’s approved. You will keep this approved form on hand during your approved studio time, however it will not be necessary to post a printed, approved form in the door.

IMPORTANT!!! You must submit your booking request by 6pm on the workday prior to your desired booking time for reservations on the Westchester campus. You must submit your request 24 hours before your desired reservation time for reservations on the Playa Vista campus. If you wish to book on a Monday you need to submit your request by the previous Friday. 

For reservations on Westchester campus, keep in mind that the RECA office hours are M-Th 10am – 8pm and Fri 10am – 6pm. You will need to pick up your key card the day before your booking if you reserve a session starting before 10am or a weekend session.

For reservations on the Playa Vista campus, access will be added to your OneCard for your reserved time.

3. If you have any questions or special needs, please email the RECA office at with your requested room # and reservation date and time, and any special requests or questions you may have. 

4. You must watch the appropriate orientation video or attend a TA orientation session for the suite in which you will be working and affirm this with the head of the RECA Office before you do your first session in that audio room.

Blue Room – The Basics

Blue Room – Recording

Red Room – Setup and Monitoring

Recording Foley in 013/014

Studio L – Orientation

Studio L – Basic Setup v1 – Recording to Pro Tools from the Large Faders and Monitoring from Pro Tools

Studio L – Basic Setup v2 – Recording to Pro Tools from the Small Faders and Monitoring from the Console

Studio L – Basic Setup v3 – Creating a Mix on The Console and Patching a Stereo Mix to Pro Tools or the ATR-102

5. IMPORTANT! If you have any tech support issues while you are working in an audio suite, please contact us by phone or email, or walk to the RECA office in person.

Recording Arts Desk: (310) 338-7368

Jim Watts – Senior Audio Engineer: (310) 568-6662

Equipment Checkout

1. To reserve equipment from the RECA Office, first click here to fill out the RECA Studio Equipment Checkout Form. You will only need to fill out your identifying information at the top of the form, and the quantity of the items you would like to reserve under the column labeled “QTY.” The rest of the form will be filled out by RECA Office staff. Once you submit the form it will be uploaded to the RECA Office for approval and preparation.

2. If you have any special requests or needs, send an email to with your name and date of your reservation and your questions.

3. Equipment for use in Studio L will be delivered to the studio prior to your reserved booking. For any other equipment, you will pick that up at the RECA Office.

4. IMPORTANT!!!Equipment reservations must be submitted 24 hours in advance, except for iLoks and headphones. Those may be done on the same day. If you wish to reserve equipment for a Monday you need to submit your request by the previous Friday.

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