How To Reserve Equipment for My Film


To reserve eqiupment form to start your Lighting and Grip use Patron Portal and select “Lighting and Grip”.

Steps for Reserving Equipment Online

  1. Complete Grip & Electric Rental Contract.
    1. You will attach this the contract to your online reservation. Without it, your reversation will not be completed and that can cause a delay or cancellation of your order.
  2. Using Patron Portal, add the items you’d like to your order.
    1. There are preset bundles for PROD 200/500, PROD 390/600, and PROD 490/650.
      1. These bundles will automatically add max quantity of specific items to your order. See Checkout Guidelines or the paper form below for these totals.
  3. Ensure you have the correct pick-up and return dates.
  4. Once you add the items, reserve your order.

If you’re unfamiliar with the equipment LnG has, we recommend filling out a paper (below) form first, then transferring that order to Patron Portal.

If you have any questions, comments, or concers, please reachout to Shauna Garrett or Aaron Dowell.

Contract, Checkout Guidelines, and Forms

Please review Contract, Checkout Guidelines, and Lottery for more information about how your order will be fulfilled.

Below are older order forms you can use as reference for making your online orders via Patron Portal.

PROD 200, 500, 550, DOCSee Beginning and Intermediate Packages for photos of this order
390/600See Checkout Guidelines for information on “Cuts”
ThesisSee Checkout Guidelines for information on “Cuts”

Questions? Email Shauna Garrett or Aaron Dowell.

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