Any production activity that takes place in a body of water (pool, river, ocean) must have an appropriately certified lifeguard on duty during the water shot(s) or sequence. If a cast or crew member so much as dips a toe into the water a lifeguard is required on set. You must submit your lifeguard’s certification to Production Administration for approval. Still fuzzy on the rules? Here’s the basics:

Does your character stand in the river and fly fish? If yes, you need a lifeguard.

Is your character standing ankle deep in a swimming pool? If yes, you need a lifeguard.

Does your character stand on the beach and the waves touch their toes? If yes, you need a lifeguard.

Is your tripod or camera operator in a floatie in your pool? Yes? You need a lifeguard.

For permitting and lifeguards on LA County beaches, contact FilmLA

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