Lighting & Grip Financial Responsibility


Reserving equipment or the sound stages is the same as renting rear from a rental house or booking a location. You are expected to treat our gear with care and respect and leave the stages as you found them. Failure to meet professional expectations may result in a fine.


All projects approved by Production Administration are covered by the school’s insurance policy. In the event of an insurance claim (theft, damaged equipment, third party property damage) the student filmmaker is responsible for a $3500 deductible.

Damage to equipment will be assessed by Lighting and Grip and the student filmmaker will be billed.


Rental Violations

  • Late Pickup: $50
  • Late Return: $50 After 5:00pm: $200
  • Late Return cap: $150
  • Failure to pick up without prior notification: $50
  • Messy Return: $100

Studio Violations

  • Messy Studio: $100
  • Failure to show up: $50 + loss of time for student workers
  • Failure to lock stage doors & loading bay doors upon completion: $100.
  • You may not use any adhesive on the stage floor. This includes anything used for flooring/tile/carpet/vinyl etc.: $1,000
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