Violations to SFTV Policies and Guidelines


ALL SFTV Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the guidelines set forth in the SFTV Student Handbook and the appropriate filming guidelines. A mutual understanding of expectations between you and the film school promotes an open and healthy environment for you to create your best work.

It is incumbent on the filmmaker to create a working environment where all cast and crew understand and follow the policies and guidelines established by SFTV. You’ll find that if you simply begin with SFTV’s On Set Best Practices which includes Set Etiquette and On Set Best Practices, you can most likely avoid falling into violation waters.

SFTV sets must be workplaces free of discrimination of all types of abusive, offensive, or harassing behavior. We have provided for you a Crew Deal Memo and an Actor Release/Agreement that will assist you in communicating your expectations and your responsibilities.

Violations will be reviewed by Production Administration and SFTV Faculty to determine a course of action. Violating SFTV specific policies and guidelines could result in sanctions of grade reduction, fees and financial responsibility, and loss of access to equipment and facilities. Violations of LMU’s Academic Dishonesty Policy or the LMU Student Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the appropriate University department to determine what sanctions will be imposed.

We cannot outline all potential violations here. Please use this page as a resource for a better understanding of the sanction and/or a remedy that might be employed for specific violations.

  • A violation of some of the guidelines listed in this document can result in SFTV Fines outlined BY DEPARTMENT in the Student Handbook. This primarily pertains to damage, loss of equipment or disrespectful/negligent treatment of same equipment or to facilities.
  • For violations of unacceptable treatment of fellow students, cast/crew, or the public while filming, we will refer such violations to LMU’s THE STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT. Additionally:
    • Filming without a permit – SectionIII – R- Unauthorized presence in or use of University Premises, facilities or property including, but not limited to, classrooms, labs, study rooms, University-assigned housing, roofs, balconies, ledges and trellises, for any unsanctioned activities
    • Not abiding by these guidelines – Section III – F Failure to comply with the directions of a University official including, but not limited to, University administrators, faculty and staff,
  • EXAMPLES of violations that will be referred to the ACADEMIC HONESTY Department:
    • B. Definitions of Academic Honesty and Dishonesty. Academic honesty requires that all members of the LMU community act with integrity, respect for their own intellectual and creative work as well as that of others, acknowledge sources consistently and completely, act honestly during exams and on assignments, and report results accurately
      • FRAUD – Presenting forged signatures or documents as authentic. Any forged document – i.e., Crew Deal Memos, Sign-In sheets will be referred to this university process.
  • Student failure to follow through with the commitments made to actors and/or crew (i.e., credit, contracts, budget) will also be referred to this university process.

The above are just examples of a few types of violations. Your professionalism can keep us all safe and avoid any of the above sanctions. THANK YOU – PAT TEAM

To download a PDF version of this policy, click here.

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