Production Sound Pick Up and Return


Monday-Tuesday 1PM to 5PM, Wednesday-Friday, ALL DAY

Pick up your equipment package from the PSD, Room #002. Upon request, a PSD employee will review your reservation/rental form with you to verify that each item you requested has been properly prepped into your package.

PSD employees may require proof of proficiency from you before equipment is checked out to you, or any of your designees.  If it is apparent that there is no working knowledge of a given piece of equipment, a PSD employee reserves the right to withhold any equipment from the rental until satisfaction of proficiency is met, if at all.

It is the responsibility of the Renter, or designee, to verify the contents of their package when the rental is picked up. No allowance will be made for any rented equipment or portion thereof which was claimed to not have been received.  A printed rental form will be handed to you upon checkout of your equipment.

All microphones rentals will include a microphone clip and foam windscreen, unless otherwise noted.

Where appropriate, equipment will include enough disposable new batteries, or rechargeable batteries to begin, but Renter must supply their own disposable batteries for their projects, as well as other expendables.  Supply of media for recording is the responsibility of the Renter.  Please return all rechargeable and used batteries for recharging or LMU recycling in the PSD office recycling bin.

Signature of receipt constitutes that all equipment is present. There are no exceptions


Monday-Tuesday 9AM-5PM
Wednesday-Thursday 9AM-7PM
Friday 9AM-1PM

  • All equipment must be returned in its original condition and organized in the correct cases as was received at the time of check out or will be subject to fine.
  • Missing equipment, accessories, or components upon return constitutes as a Late Return.
  • Unorganized, messy, and/or dirty equipment will be assessed a Cleaning Fee.
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