Post Production Services


Technical assistance with all editing workstations including editing labs, the advanced editing suites and color correction suites. Additional services include:

Video format transfers.  We can transfer most types of video tape to either DVD or to a hard drive. We can also assist with digital format conversion. Copyrighted material cannot be transferred. Deliver your request as early as possible. During periods of heavy production, jobs can take several days

DCP creation:  We can help you create DCP format deliverables.  This format requires a specific type of hard drive, please come by for details. DCP creation sessions must be booked one week in advance.

Key Card Creation 

Once you have booked a stage, edit room, color lab, or editing lab come to Post Production/ Video Engineering (COM 001) to request a key card to be programmed.

We also create cards for faculty, staff, and TAs/GAs

Cable rentals:  We have every type of video connector cable imaginable and we can check them out to you for use in the building.

SOMETHING BROKEN???  We can usually help you diagnose and repair bad hard drives and malfunctioning small electronic or mechanical devices (related to film/video).

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