Camera Services Check Out


You may check out equipment for up two (2) working days. Each night is considered one working day. Special arrangements can be made for students with unique circumstances.

Equipment can be picked up no earlier than 1pm on pick up date and no later than one hour before closing or it will be released to others. If you fail to pick up equipment without notifying the Camera Services Department you will be fined. Fine amount varies depending on the type of equipment.

Prep your equipment and report any damages or missing items BEFORE you leave the building. Once you leave the building, you will be held responsible for all equipment on your reservation form.

The Camera Services Department may withhold any piece of equipment from a student until that student has demonstrated a working knowledge of the item in question.

Always store equipment in a safe place. Avoid exposing equipment to extreme heat or cold and keep free of dirt and moisture.

Equipment will only be released to the student or their representative. If a representative is picking up, they must demonstrate knowledge of the equipment. The students name must be on the reservation form.

You assume FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any loss or damage to equipment when you sign the reservation contract. (See “The SFTV Equipment Policy”)

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