Script Clearance and Title Search Reports

What is a Script Clearance and Title Search Report?

A Script Clearance Report provides a breakdown of possible copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy, defamation and other violations in your film or television script. A Script Clearance Report will let you know if your script is “clear” to move forward with filming.

A Title Search provides similar information but strictly presents the facts and does not give an opinion about your script. The Title Search is usually given to a production attorney to make a determination. Studios and Production Companies ALWAYS require one of these reports before they go into production. Script Clearance companies breakdown a script and provide you with a report of all the potential problems with your script and can make suggestions on how to remedy any issues.

Production Administration provides a basic breakdown of your script, alerting you to possible issues that might be costly to clear down the line and would therefore negatively impact your chance to screen in festivals, etc. Students are not required to pay for a Script Clearance or Title Search Report but should be mindful of possible infringement issues in your script. Avoid presenting a product/brand in a negative light i.e., a brand of soda gives people cancer. Avoid known brand usage in your scripts such as those from a professional sports team or company (LA Lakers, Nike), and be aware of brands that are particularly more litigious than others. (Hint: Disney!)

Here are some links to more information about Script Clearance and Title Search Report

Indie Clear 

– Information about Script Clearance

The Clearance Lab

Script Clearance 101 

– virtual book of free advice

Safety Badges

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

In our ongoing efforts to mirror industry practices and to emphasize safety on set, we have created a Production Safety Training Program. As students, you are both required and expected to embrace “safety first” as the on-set mantra.

What is the Production Safety Training Program?

The program consists of four training sessions that address key safety issues. One is mandatory for all SFTV students working on sets, two are strongly recommended for all SFTV students working on sets and mandatory for all students working in Camera, Grip and Electric, and sound on set, and one is optional. Refer to the table below to learn which sessions you’re required to complete.

For each session, you’ll either attend a live presentation or watch online via Brightspace. Each session is followed by a quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you’ll earn a badge for that session. Your earned badges are visible in your Brightspace account.

How does the Production Safety Training Program affect my work at LMU SFTV?

Your projects will not be approved by the Production Administration office until you’ve earned the required badges. The Production Administration office will confirm your badge status during your project approval meeting. If any badges are missing, you’ll need to earn them in order to get your project approved.

You only need to take each mandatory quiz and receive each mandatory badge once during your time at SFTV unless otherwise noted. Most trainings can be taken over the summer unless you are a first year and just beginning at Loyola Marymount University, in which case trainings will be available starting at the time of your orientation. We encourage everyone interested in being on set to take the quizzes and trainings as soon as possible so that they may be on set immediately. 

To take a SFTV Production Safety Training quiz, click a link below, log into Brightspace and Click QUIZZES at the top of the page.

General Production Safety (Mandatory)Lighting and Grip Safety (Recommended)Truck Loading Safety (Recommended)  Assistant Director Certification (Optional)
All SFTV students working on set are required to have this badgeThis badge is strongly recommended for all SFTV students. It is mandatory for all students working in Camera, Grip and Electric, and Sound on setThis badge is strongly recommended for all SFTV students. It is mandatory for all students working in Camera, Grip and Electric, and Sound on setAssistant directors only (both students and non-students)
Where: BrightspaceWhere: BrightspaceWhere: BrightspaceStudents: Brightspace   Non-students: A link will be sent, as well as the quiz via email

Location Manager Training

SFTV Location Managers have specific responsibilities for keeping productions safe and compliant. For more information visit Location Managers.

Production Sound Reservations


Reservation Forms

PROD 101/379/510/511 Reservation Form PROD 101, SCRW 510, 511
PROD 200/330/500 Reservation FormPROD 200/330/500
PROD 300 Reservation FormPROD 300 Only
PROD 379 Reservation Form PROD 379 Only
PROD 550 Reservation FormPROD 550 Only
PSD Intermediate Reservation FormPROD 250, 390, 392, 550, 598 and RECA 250
PSD Advanced Reservation FormPROD 490, 492, 600, 650, 670, Faculty, Village Roadshow, SCWR 598, RECA 353, 367, 500
Have a question about PSD gear? Come by COM 002 or contact Bryan Cahill
  • All orders must be placed in writing no less than 48 hours (Two Business Days) in advance of the equipment pickup date and signed by Production Administration. Reservations for equipment can be placed up to TWO (2) weeks in advance of the pickup date.
  • The standard maximum rental period is TWO (2) working days.  The weekend, which consists of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, is considered ONE (1) working day, however all equipment must be returned on Monday if rented over the weekend.
  • PRIOR to checking out any equipment for each project, all students enrolled in the SFTV will be required to submit a current and valid LMU ID number, Email Address, and Telephone Number.
  • Each rental is on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED basis: Please see the PSD employee for details on what equipment you are allowed, or not allowed, to use.
  • Substitutions may be made by PSD staff if necessary.

Production Administration Contact

Contact us

Josef Lieck, Head of Production

Office: COM 118B

Office Phone: 310 338 2973

FOR EMERGENCIES:213 999 6234

Office email:

Debora McClune, Associate Head of Production

Office: COM 118A

Office Phone: 310 338 1941

Office email:

Malik McCrea, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Office: Communication Arts 106

Office email:

Nyla Manuel, Administrative Coordinator

Office: Communication Arts 106

Office email:

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