Equipment Rentals and Freestanding Sets


Equipment Rentals

Generators and GFCI Breakers

Avon Truck Rental – Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood

Castex Rentals – Production tools from Air Conditioners to Walkie Talkies

DFI Rentals – Camera, Lenses, L&G, Sound (Get 20% off when calling and saying that you are in LMU student)

Wooden Nickel Lighting – G&E Rentals

Samy’s Camera – Now in Playa Vista

Standing Sets

4 Aces – Sets include: Diner, bar and casino, bar bathroom, gas station, motel rooms, motel bathroom, motel reception, phone booth, exteriors

4 Hearts Entertainment – Sets include: Hospital, backyard grassy with table, reception counter, jail cell, school room

Acton Movie Ranch – Sets include: Simulated lake, mountains, flat plains, train tracks, burnt out terrain

Agua Dulce Movie Ranch – Agua Dulce Movie Ranch, manages over 350 properties

Blue Cloud – Sets include: Ranch locations, mission church, operating bases, fight arena, cave, airplane hangar, gas station chopper crash site, huts, pueblo, mountains, school house, tin shack

Canyon Ranch – Sets include: Natural landscapes, cabins, roadhouse/farmhouse, vintage service station, general store facade, vintage fishing facade, vineyard/tasting room, red barn, stone cottage, tool shed/workshop, basement/attic, fences/gates, vehicle props, props

Circle G Movie Ranch – Sets include:

Melody Ranch Studio – Sets include:

Middleton Ranch – Sets include:

NVisionate – Sets include: Hospitals, living room, dining room kitchen, bedroom bathroom, office and cubicles, conference room , jail cells, Judges bench

Paramount Ranch – Sets include: Saloon, patio area, fire pit, old mine, graveyard, jail, general store, model T, stagecoach depot, train station, facade, stable, cowboy homestead

Rancho Deluxe – Sets include: Palace saloon/lodge, military base, natural exteriors

Rancho Mariasable – Sets include: Western street, cabins, Main Street, several ponds, Old West “fort” gate, large flat area with several unique in-ground water tanks, red barn with attached enclosed paddock and permanent faux grass, stables, adobe hacienda from the turn of the 20th century, trails and open areas

Silver Dream Factory – Sets include: Hospital, Jail, Police Interrogation Room Diner, Flower Shop, Backlot and more.

The Villa Serena – Sets include: Restaurant, hospital set, courtroom, Exterior apt / motel, kitchens, bedrooms, interrogation room. Office, airplane exterior and interior

Veluzat – Sets include: Home town, ghost town, post apocalyptic town, wilderness areas, interiors, 50s diner, biker Tavern, rustic gas station

White Horse Ranch – Sets include: Old West Town depicting the 1800s

Willow Studios – Sets include: Kitchen, living room, basement, offices

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