Access To Production Support


You must be currently enrolled in an SFTV class to use SFTV resources and facilities. SFTV does not issue equipment for outside of class projects and the film school’s insurance policy cannot cover independent projects.

Access to SFTV Production and Post-Production resources and equipment as well as participating in the end of the semester screenings are privileges – not rights. The granting or withholding of privileges is at the discretion of the Dean or his designees.


Each technical staff area may issue fines and/or charges for lost or damaged equipment or equipment or facilities not returned to their original state. The student will be required to sign a form indicated the detail of the fine/charge and the amount. Please see the individual technical areas in this handbook for the fine/charge schedule.


In the event a student is fined or charged for damaged, missing equipment or the late or “messy” return of equipment or facilities, they may appeal the charge. The process is as follows:

A student fined or charged should first appeal to the technical staff who issued the charge/fine. If the student is not satisfied with that outcome, they may go to the Head of Production to appeal. The Head of Production will be the final arbiter. Students must understand that the original fine or charge may either increase, decrease or be eliminated based on Production Administration’s final decision.  Appeals must be made within forty-eight hours of receiving the fine.

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