Project Approval


Project Approval is the process by which SFTV students are granted permission to begin production of their student films. All projects at SFTV must be reviewed and approved by Production Administration before they are allowed to move into the production phase. Students need Green Light approval from Production Administration before they are permitted to take equipment from SFTV.

Depending on the course, the approval process may take anywhere from five business days to three weeks. It is the student’s responsibility to know how long their specific approval period is and by when they must submit their approval paperwork. Consult your course One Sheet for specific information on how you will submit your approval packet. Students will use the SFTV on Tap portal to submit the required documents and  Mazevo to request on campus locations. Read more about SFTV on Tap and Mazevo here. To review guidelines for introductory and intermediate/advanced projects, click here to view our Guidelines page.

The SFTV Production Administration Office is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday, not including holidays and university leave days, with Prod Admin offering limited student support outside of office hours during heavy production weeks. Students must be mindful that submitting approval paperwork late, after hours, or on weekends may effect their ability to commence production.

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