CFA Open Casting Call

FALL 2022

SFTV and CFA Theater Arts students collaborated on the 2022 Open Casting Call. Over 65 actors participated by performing 1.5 minute monologues and providing their headshots and resumes. If you missed it, don’t despair! 

A recording of the auditions, headshots and resumes can be found here. Actors who were not able to make the event, created self-tapes which can also be found in the Box Folder. Check back as self-tapes continue to be uploaded. Animation students looking for voice over talent should peruse the list!

How to Use the Master Audition Spreadsheet

As you watch the Zoom recording, you can note the timecode of the audition and refer back to the Master Audition Spreadsheet to find out the name of the actor, their email, and if their headshot and resume are on file.

Please do us a favor and email if you cast an LMU student in your film.

Thank you and Happy Casting!
PAT and the Student Production Office

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