Submit a Rehearsal Request through Mazevo

To Submit your On Campus Permit

1). Login to Mazevo-

2). Dashboard will look like this

3). Click “Add New Request”

4). Complete part 1

a). Enter Event Name: (Joe Lion PROD 600 Rehearsal Permit)

b). Enter Event Type: Student Film Permit

c). Enter Organization: SFTV Student Rehearsals

d). Enter Number Of People: The total number  of people expected at your event (headcount)

5). Enter Times and Date(s): You can only request a date that is 5 or more days in advance

6). Type in which building you are looking for

a) You can use the SFTV Location Directory to find out what Building and Room to select.

b) Some locations may be listed under “Outdoor Space” or “SFTV Filming.”

7). If you do not see your room on the first tab, “Available Rooms,” please check the second tab, “Unavailable Rooms”

a). There you will see why each room is not available for you (someone else already has it reserved, your headcount is either too large or too small based on the min and max capacities of each individual room)

b) Once you have selected your location, Mazevo will not allow you to go back to make changes. If you need to change anything at this point, just cancel the permit and start over.

8). Pick your service provider- YOU MUST SKIP THIS SECTION- ANY Service provider or resources added will NOT be accommodated

9). Answer all the questions (You will not be able to submit the request until all the questions are answered. Do not leave the fill in boxes blank. Please enter N/A)

a) There are SFTV’s permit questions and Conference and Events questions.

10). You can change or cancel your event (if it is 5 or more days before your event)

a). Click change event

b). Or Click on the date

c). Or click on the orange arrow

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