Intimacy Coordinators



Please consult your course One Sheet or contact Production Administration to learn if your project is allowed to have scenes of intimacy.

SFTV follows the emerging industry model of requiring Intimacy Coordinators on some productions when nudity, simulated sex, or other intimate scenes are required. Intimacy Coordinators are trained and accredited professionals who protect the safety of actors by ensuring scenes of intimacy are performed to previously consented upon choreography and blocking. They assist filmmakers and performers in achieving their highest artistic goals in a safe and non-coercive environment.

Intimacy Coordinators are hired during pre-production and work with the producer, director, and actors through production of the intimate scenes. During the project approval process, Production Administration will determine if your project requires an Intimacy Coordinator to assist you. Intimacy Coordinators are hired and paid by the student filmmaker, not SFTV.

If your project has scenes of intimacy, or if you may not be able to budget for an Intimacy Coordinator, it is wise to email your script to Production Administration early and schedule a meeting to discuss your options.

To find an intimacy coordinator for your film, please reach out to the Intimacy Directors and Coordinators website or Intimacy Coordinators of Color.

Listed below are sources for intimacy coordinators:

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