In The Event of Injury or Accident

As soon as the injured person is stabilized or being transported to a medical facility YOU MUST CALL DOUGLAS MOORE, RISK MANAGEMENT VP(day or night including weekends). 

  • (310) 338 3071 (Office)
  • (424) 702 7595 (Cell) 

LMU’s POLICY #: Hartford Insurance Company #72WEAM3MAM (this information appears on the call sheet) 

Have insurance information ready so there will be no delay in providing medical care while someone determines who’s going to pay for it.

The location of the nearest Emergency Room or Urgent Care facility should be listed on the Call Sheet. If it is determined that the injured can be moved, you should have a “designated driver” who will take charge of transporting the injured party to the nearest care provider. 

If the person who has been hurt cannot be moved call 911 immediately.  

You must file an “SFTV ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION REPORT” immediately. You will be given these documents at your approval meeting. You must complete it and send it to Douglas Moore within 8 hours of the incident. 

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