Camera Services Priority


Students who will be reserving camera gear for a shoot occurring over a weekend must attend the THURSDAY CAMERA LOTTERY (See section on “Camera Services Lottery”) in person or submit a reservation via email two weeks prior to shooting in order to maintain priority.

Priority is based on class level AND time and date of receipt. The following is a list of classes in order of priority and camera packages that are available to each class.

Production Courses Camera Priority List – 2021-2022

Course HierarchyPriority CameraAlternate Camera –If available
PROD 650    Alexa Mini, 35mm Packages.C300, C-100, XF100, S16mm
PROD 490 (Equal with PROD 492)Alexa Mini, 35mm Packages.C300, C-100, XF100, S16mm
PROD 492 (Equal with PROD 490)C-100, C300 PackagesAlexa Mini, XF100, S16mm, 35mm,
PROD 600 (Equal with PROD 600 Doc)Canon C-300 PackageAlexa Mini, C-100, XF100, S16mm, 35mm
PROD 600 Documentary (Equal with PROD 600)C-100, C300 PackagesXF100, S16mm, 35mm, Alexa Mini
PROD 390 (Equal with PROD 392 Canon C-300S16mm, 35mm,
PROD 392 (Equal with PROD 390)C-100, C300 PackagesXF100, S16mm, 35mm
PROD 550C-100S16mm
PROD 500 (Equal with PROD 200)Canon XF-100NO Alternative
PROD 200 (Equal with PROD 500)Canon XF-100NO Alternative
PROD 380, 580C-300C-100, S16mm, 35mm
PROD 379Canon XF-100NO Alternative
PROD 489Canon XF-100C-100, C-300, S16mm, 35mm
PROD 250Canon XF-100, NO Alternative

The Camera Packages listed above are provided as support for production courses taught in the School of Film and Television.

Your class level priority will ONLY BE HONORED through the end of business day, on the day of the lottery. All reservations accepted during this time will be prioritized and equipment assigned at time of closing. Any reservations placed AFTER the day of the lottery will be prioritized on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis regardless of class level.

Not understanding this policy is no excuse for not getting your reservation in by the stated deadlines in order to insure priority.

For further clarification of this policy contact:  Peter Soto

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